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Interior style hunter is a place we look for luxury. Grant trained as an interior designer and interior stylist at central saint martins and created the blog as a form of design and lifestyle inspiration for others. The blog has only been running for a year but we’ve enjoyed following grant on his interior design journey, with his passionate interviews and exploration of brands. Check out his design rules page to find out tips and tricks for your own home as well as information for aspiring designers.

We are committed to creating britain’s future heritage by designing and making rooms that not only allow for elegant, practical family life, but also add to the architectural value of houses for future generations. Our traditional joinery and handmade kitchen work is led by a thorough understanding of english period architecture, classical internal joinery, and historic interior decoration. Learn more about our work across different periods.

“The quality of the design was excellent”

“our designer invested time in properly understanding our needs and designed a kitchen which met both our needs and our budget. It continues to delight us – it is of excellent quality and truly beautiful”
marie g
“the whole process was really enjoyable and our designer seemed to have infinite patience when we were developing some intricate design details and were making final finish decisions”.

A new kitchen space to dream.

Smallbone has been working closely with some of the world’s most prestigious residential developers to design the ultimate living spaces. Available to acquire now or in the future, discover dream homes and other design projects crafted with passion, integrity and authority. View our current projects.

In the past, the living room was originally designed as the place where social gatherings were held and the kitchen was just the room where you cooked. But now all that has changed and the kitchen has usurped the living room as the heart of the home. When you are thinking about what you want and need from a luxury kitchen, take into consideration if it will be more than just a place where friends and family gather to eat, but also to socialize and relax. It’s important to factor in the need for more space and improving the flow of traffic as well as how it should look. Search for kitchen ideas from a variety of sources and from several different perspectives. Once you have done that, incorporate all of these design ideas with your initial luxury kitchen idea and voilà, the luxury kitchen of your dreams will be well on its way to becoming a reality.

Last updated on november 25th, 2020
experience swoon-worthy, chef-inspired kitchens and discover a world of culinary and entertaining possibilities. Indulge in the fantasy of cascading waterfall-edge countertops, elaborate statement fixtures, and natural light-filled spaces. Let your mind wander to intricate cabinetry, open floor plans, and designer fixtures and to bring your dream kitchen to life. Check out our twenty-five luxury kitchen ideas and expansive culinary spaces and if you’re looking for more obsession-worthy spaces, explore our list of stunning bathrooms.

A custom-made kitchen is built to your own needs and requirements. Personalised space, layout, functionality and storage are going to be some of the advantages of being a part of the designing process. You can find many professionals to help you out during this process, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that your dream kitchen works for you.

How much does a luxury kitchen cost?

Stunning photo gallery of 31 luxury kitchens that cost more than a whopping $100,000. See some of the best kitchen designs on the planet here. What percent of kitchens do you think fall into the “luxury” category?
we did some data analysis to find out. Based on an analysis of 415,000 kitchen designs, we determined that approximately 14% of kitchens fall into the luxury category.

At what price does a kitchen falls into the “luxury” category is up for debate, but without question, $100,000 spent on a kitchen definitely qualifies. But that’s not to say that all the kitchens in that 14% cost $100,000. Which styles are most common among the more expensive kitchens?
again, we did the research. Here are the top 3:
traditional:  26%
transitional:  18%.

Estimated cost: $113,900 (source: zillow digstm ). Contemporary cabinetry with stainless fixtures against dark wood make up the design of this luxury kitchen. The layout includes two islands – one as a work station and the other as a breakfast bar.

Estimated cost: $144,200 (source: zillow digstm ). Here is one of the most expensive kitchens in our gallery. Frankly, i find the estimate of $144k high in relation to the estimated costs of the other luxury kitchens in this gallery. Nevertheless, it’s a stunning kitchen design, especially of you like darker kitchens.

What makes a luxury kitchen?

All our kitchens are built in our cambridgeshire workshop, constructed to the same precise standards using in-frame construction. Every cupboard we make is a fully hand built piece of furniture, carefully made by skilled craftsmen using traditional joinery techniques. Our kitchens come in five beautiful, timeless designs: shaker , arbor , original , linear and linear edge. These luxury kitchen designs are simple and understated, a blank canvas and  arrive at your home having been primed to be hand-painted in any colour you choose. In addition, our shaker kitchen is also available in both natural oak and walnut.

Our new 15,000 sq. Ft london showroom opens soon. You can find out more about our luxury bespoke kitchens and whole-home solutions by visiting our online showroom , arranging a virtual appointment or requesting a brochure using the details below.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the advantages of a luxury kitchen design. Not only are luxury kitchens unique, exceptional in quality and built with outstanding craftmanship, they are also designed with features that are user-friendly and durable. Luxury kitchen designs can incorporate many different styles and their elegant and stylish features easily combine design and function with useability and everyday life. Fitted luxury kitchens are an ideal investment because they create the illusion of space and turn a room that is used for preparing food into a space that can also be used for entertainment. Luxury modern kitchens have innovative storage functions that minimize the amount of surface space and create a long-lasting sense of luxury with an impeccable look.

Whether as the heart of every home or the centerpiece, a luxury kitchen can add incredible value to a home. Luxury kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops and backsplash are all added value that help bring the entire kitchen together along with many shapes, kitchen materials and colors and finishes. Should you ever consider putting your home on the market, the investment of a luxury kitchen will considerably help boost the resale value of your home.

20 kitchen design trends for 2020 you need to know about

Presenting the latest trend in kitchen cabinet handles, here is a sneak peak of these gorgeous striking solid brass pulls. Designed by buster + punch, they are built from rare and solid metal and finished with their signature, diamond-cut, knurling pattern to feel amazing with every touch. Brass, copper and bronze are one of the biggest trends currently and act as a statement feature in any space. These finishes are popular in both modern and classic settings, and are often paired with darker colours to give a real wow factor to your kitchen. To fully appreciate the beauty of this range, please feel free to visit our showroom where we currently have them on display.

A luxury kitchen is more than just a room, it can be a place of inspiration, but also functional at the same time. The challenge in designing a luxury modern kitchen is to create an open and welcoming space, that integrates well with the rest of the home. Therefore, knowing what kind of cabinetry, finishes, appliances and storage options you want can be very helpful. Luxury kitchens are not specifically defined by one style or another and there are always new and popular trends – so it is perfectly alright to combine your personality with your kitchen. Whether you are interested in a kitchen that is spacious or compact, or prefer a central island with additional space and extra storage, the possibilities are endless. It’s important to select individual elements and functions that perfectly match the rest of your home, cooking habits and design preferences because you want a kitchen that looks beautiful, but is practical above all else.

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the techie geeks have infiltrated the world of showrooms at new waterloo-based kitchen designer life. This new conceptual space’s standout feature is an innovative, 3600 4d virtual-reality theatre where clients can fully immerse themselves in a bespoke kitchen of their own choosing. It’s the next level of try-before-you-buy! the wide range of stylish kitchen options means you can personalise and get creative with everything from doors to work surfaces.

From built-in storage and statement lighting to luxury details and a standout kitchen sink, don’t redesign your kitchen without reading our 10 tips for your luxury kitchen project. The kitchen is now the showpiece of a modern home. You would expect any luxury kitchen design to include cutting-edge technology with the newest appliances and highest quality materials. You’ll be the envy of your friends with the latest kitchen design trends and intuitive appliances that not only look good but make your life easier.

90 Different Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs (Photos)

This is the ultimate kitchen island design ideas gallery showcasing 90 truly awesome but different kitchens island styles. Below our gallery showcasing our favorite islands, we have an extensive article setting out the many different types of kitchen islands followed by example photos.

74+ kitchen design gallery – the ultimate solution to kitchen design ideas
40 modern kitchen island design, ideas with photos
creating contrast in kitchen design
124+ great kitchen design and ideas with cabinets, islands, backsplashes – photo gallery
68+deluxe custom kitchen island ideas (jaw dropping designs).

55 Modern Kitchens We Can’t Stop Swooning Over

Since your kitchen takes good care of you, isn’t it only fair that you return the favor? day in and day out, luxury modern kitchens make everyday tasks easier, but over time this is bound to take its toll. It’s important to regularly take care of the centerpiece of your home in order to maintain its timeless look and appeal. Keeping your luxury kitchen in tip top shape is easier than you think. Wiping down your luxury kitchen cabinets, surfaces and countertops with a clean dry cloth will help stop greasy build up and stains from occurring.

Say goodbye to the pinks, greens, and blues from the nightmare kitchens of the past. Modern kitchens find themselves following a simpler color pallet. Popular choices for modern kitchen decor are blacks, grays, whites, and dark hardwoods. These colors all work very well with the stainless appliances that many of these kitchens use. By — elliot nash
in partnership with nordgreen
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How can I make my kitchen look modern?

The corcoran group
if the kitchen island – made from a huge, illuminated piece of smoky quartz – wasn’t enough, this kitchen in a stunning $57. 5 million penthouse (£45m) comes with two exquisite decorative pieces thrown in. There’s the rare, grey hutch (left of picture) by the extremely sought after mid-century designer paul evans and a stunning modern crystal chandelier by magna of london. Bespoke aluminium cabinetry and glass countertops keep the look sleek and modern. Best of all, when you’re entertaining you can close off the kitchen with the touch of a button as an electronic wall will move into place. Though with a kitchen this desirable, why would you want to hide it?.

The kitchen is in the middle of a renaissance—as more and more folks are starting to prioritize healthier eating at home as opposed to going out. As a result, homeowners are emphasizing crafting kitchens that allow them to cook meals in style. But, not only does a modern kitchen need to be functional—it should also look great. Today, high-end kitchen design is becoming more popular. While the phrase ‘high-end design’ may have specific connotations in terms of how it should look, in reality, this type of design varies greatly depending on individual preferences.

Whether you want a mid-century modern or a scandinavian-styled kitchen, both are possible through a high-end kitchen design mindset. Regardless of the theme you want to accomplish with your design , here are some features that you need to include to create that luxury kitchen.

While not always the case and highly dependent on the size of the home, we’re seeing more and more modern kitchens designs incorporating enough space for cooking and guests. If you’re interested in hosting family holidays as well as friends and neighbors, then it’s important to consider that while laying out the blueprints for your kitchen.

Luxury modern kitchen design ideas at they’re best. Open floor plan. A variety of colors, textures and natural materials. Modern gray cabinets with matching countertop. Real wood chairs and dining tables. Real brick walls. Floor to ceiling black framed windows with drapes. Pendant lighting. Huge 1’x2′ porcelain floor tiles. Glass walls. With their minimalist cabinetry, neutral color palette, and metallic accents, contemporary kitchens have a subtle beauty that never goes out of style. Blending aspects of modern design with a variety of styles for a sleek, elegant look. Pops of color are a nice touch. Whether on the furniture, in a bowl of fresh fruit, or from a vase of flowers ensuring that contemporary kitchen designs feel warm and welcoming, as do big windows that let in lots of sunlight. Add in the perfect light fixture, or a piece of bold artwork or decor.

I designed this beautiful open concept kitchen to be both beautiful and functional. My client loves to entertain in her home and the kitchen is the central place where everyone unites. We chose all kinds of materials such as marble slabs, porcelain slabs, quartz slabs and marble mosaics for the back-splash. In this video I will take you through the differences between a porcelain slab and a marble slab and all the pros and cons of each! We will look at the type of counter stool you should choose, and what kind of kitchen pendants I was dying to install. You will see that I have chosen beautiful decorative items for the kitchen countertops and why I did so. I Hope you enjoy this great luxury kitchen reveal and please comment below if you love an open concept kitchen or if you prefer a closed kitchen. Always want to hear what your choices are!


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